The simple answer is no. WebTRIM is a modern, cross-platform system that will on any device from the smart phone in your pocket to dedicated large touchscreens. If you use a PC in the office or on the front desk to handle quotes and communications with customers or work providers, this can also be utilised for WebTRIM operations.

If you want a tailored workshop with every technological convenience, the sky is the limit, with many WebTRIM customers choosing to display production out display screens for customers and workers manage workflow.

Touch devices can also be utilised for the clock on/off process if desired as well. More information on this can be found in a separate FAQ.

WebTRIM Touch can operate on any device/s from a PC (with a mouse) to devices as small as smartwatches that can download apps. The vast majority of businesses utilise tablets for they’re ideal screen size, portability and cost-effectiveness. WebTRIM does not supply hardware, although we are happy to give recommendations if requested. Screen resolution & ratio does not matter these days so if you prefer a smaller screen or if you prefer Apple’s IOS over Android, or any other combination won’t affect the use of WebTRIM Touch.

WebTRIM sizes jobs and job tasks based both on the monetary value of the job and associated tasks, as well as the workers and expectations your business places on them as teams and individually. By default, if a “Strip” task is worth $100 and upon scheduling it allows 35 minutes to one worker and 50 minutes to another. This is not a mistake and is most likely due to the second worker (with less time allowed) being on a higher wage and therefore having a higher level of expectation on his/her productivity per productive hour.

To evaluate and modify employee targets and goals, this can be done from the settings menu under employee configuration.

No! We’re not in the 90’s anymore, so although if you prefer to host your own system, we can arrange it, WebTRIM hosts all client data securely and according to ISO27001 standards online.

There are many benefits to this, including seamless software updates, better online security to protect your business from ransomware & IP theft. You can also log in from anywhere so as a business owner you can finally take the holiday and still keep an eye on your business.