About WebTRIM

WebTRIM is simplicity, information, flexibility, and security gearing you up to achieve your goals and prepare your business to weather the storms of change. WebTRIM gives you freedom from the constrictions of time, making better use of your resources, leaving you to focus on what is most important for you.

WebTRIM has long served the vehicle repair industry for over 20 years, beginning as an “adapted for the Australian market” version of the UK based “Body Shop Management Systems” package. Being brought over to local shores, implemented nationwide and offered alongside consulting services from Directors Rex Hartley and partner at the time Kevin Mark, Body Shop Management Systems quickly became a market leader, offering more capability and scope than any locally produced BMS. With the segregation of Bodyshop Consulting and Bodyshop Management Systems Software, a new name was born: WebTRIM. With the rebuilding of the software for the local market and focus being put back on implementation and training of the system, WebTRIM began to expand further and deeper into the Australian & NZ market. Today, WebTRIM is still leading the pack, being representative of a vast array of customers from Asia Pacific’s largest repairer network to it’s hundreds of small, medium & large independent shops & groups.

WebTRIM is constantly reevaluating the marketplace, asking where our clients need us most and always remaining relevant in our uber competitive industry. WebTRIM has a stable and highly skilled workforce, based in Melbourne. Our customers tell us WebTRIM support is leading the industry.

WebTRIM is committed to improving our user experience using automated tools and process to make it easier, quicker & cheaper to do your job.

WebTRIM is a market leader for staff measurement, reporting and analysis. Using the details of your quotes (revenue) and staff activity (cost) and sublets & spares (cost) WebTRIM provides detailed analysis of your business costs and profits. WebTRIM is designed to increase your staff productivity, job throughput and revenue to increase your profits. We have many examples of customer that have increased their profits by 10-50%.

Our customers continue to stay with WebTRIM because it works!

WebTRIM industry market data and benchmarking is unique in the industry. You can anonymously compare your key metrics against the industry average or against the average of business that are similar to yours. You can compare how you’re performing against other similar businesses in your local area, state, nationally or internationally. A service like this has never been achievable by anyone in our industry before and is available for you today with WebTRIM


The need for reporting and data has exploded in the Collision Repairs Industry. Insurers, Job Providers, Fleets and customers want more information every year. To provide reports is taking too much time. WebTRIM automatically calculates the data reports for you and makes it available at the click of a button. Critical reports are also available to be downloaded as a csv for analysis in excel or to give to your accountant or adviser.

Cycle time & productivity among many others require recording and collation to give us the information we need to confidently meet our goals, make vital decisions and to progress & grow in our industry. Having the right information at hand being measured live on the shop floor, can be the difference between gaining that pivotal contract you need to expand your capacity. It can also lead to you running a more efficient shop, reallocating resources as required to avoid bottlenecks in production between departments. The ability to measure is paramount to empowering you to best manage your shop and WebTRIM can give you the best tools in the industry to get the job done.


Seamless. Efficient. Profitable

Prevent jobs from exceeding their billable hours due to bottlenecks, misinformation or miscommunication to save money. WebTRIM seamlessly connects the processes and people to efficiently move jobs through your repair shop, keep your staff on track and on job and make your business more profitable.


To succeed in the modern Collision Repair industry, doing great work and delighting customers is not enough. You have to do that AS WELL as running a well managed, efficient business. With so much of your volume coming from work providers who are squeezing your margins, you need to optimise your revenue and reduce your costs to stay in the game. This is what WebTRIM does for our customers and why most customers choose to stay with WebTRIM, the results speak for themselves.


Information. Process driven. Knowledge.

To be ahead of the game you need to be prepared for what’s to come. Having the foresight to predict change and be flexible in your process driven management requires knowledge. Having detailed analysis of your productive work and the processes that drive jobs allows you to predict and prepare for the unexpected keeping you ahead of the pack and more profitable. WebTRIM’s automated reporting & analysis gives you the information to be a market leader.