Oct 13, 2020

V20.06 - 20.09 Release Notes

There have been some important new features and improvements released in the most recent WebTRIM software updates.

Here's a breakdown of what's new in WebTRIM versions 20.06 - 20.09

Updates occur on a regular basis to improve your system, from it's operation to new products and features intended to help to run your business even more effectively.

Lane-based scheduling

Lane-based scheduling is now possible within the Smart Scheduler. Speak to your WebTRIM representative to learn more.

Report: Monthly Metrics

For users with appropriate permissions, this report is available from the Business Analysis menu. There is also a similar new report titled Daily Metrics.

workshop displays

Custom workshop displays can now be created from the jobs console. Start by creating a jobs console custom report, then enable that report for use as a workshop display.

Workforce Summary Console Update

The Workforce Summary Console has been given a makeover to make it easier to use. This will help all customer payment methods methods, but especially those involving production bonuses.

'Waiting to Start' area is back!

Back by popular demand, you can bring back the 'Waiting to start' area by changing a setting in Business Configuration.

New Feature: Advanced Search

This feature is now available on the Jobs Console and all similarly styled pages, and allows custom searches of unlimited complexity.

New Feature: Final Inspection

The new 'Final inspection' section in your Jobs Console contains uncompleted jobs on which all the tasks have been completed. With the option disabled (which is the default setting for this option, and matches how the system worked in the past), such jobs go straight to 'Waiting for pickup'.

Timeline Scheduler: Off-site jobs

Off-site jobs within the Timeline Scheduler are now highlighted and can be hidden. A black top border has been added to off-site jobs to allow easy identification. Also, in the bottom frame an option has been added to hide off-site jobs entirely.

You can find more detailed documentation on each of these improvements and features by selecting the "Online Help" icon on your WebTRIM console header bar.

We try to keep you in the loop with every update and added option to the WebTRIM software. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact the support team for assistance.