Our Approach

Achieve your business goals with WebTRIM. Take control of your jobs, finances and staff. If you are an investor seeking best possible return, a production manager wanting the most out of your labour force, or a technician wanting credit for your hard work, WebTRIM is the one ‘do it all’ system. Don’t believe it can be done? Allow us to show you how.

With over twenty years worth of heritage creating a wealth of knowledge, improving, growing, gathering data and navigating the ever changing collision repair industry, WebTRIM has been continuously adapting to our customer and industry needs. At WebTRIM we focus on providing superior customer service, partnering with Collision repairers to thrive in a sometimes chaotic market.

WebTRIM works alongside you to increase profitability, improve workforce productivity, streamline workflow and eliminate production bottlenecks. Talk with us and see how the other half operate.

Fast Start Implementation

Getting started with WebTRIM is easy, our ‘Fast Start’ process will get you going within 2 days. WebTRIM provides customised training and assistance, designed to get you going at your pace and expand functionality as you progress. We work with all your staff to get them productive ASAP. During the training process WebTRIM will be customised to align with your current business process.

New Technology

WebTRIM is updated with new & revised functions as requested by our customers, industry trends and our Research and Development activity. When the future arrives, WebTRIM wll be ready for it.

Superior Support

WebTRIM won’t leave you hanging. We respond to support requests ASAP. Our Melbourne based team continuously updates the software and introduces new & exciting tools based on our R&D, customer feedback and industry changes. WebTRIM is supported remotely and we provide proactive support to keep you thriving. We focus on responding quickly to all customer support & enhancement requests. We use industry best practice tools and process to measure & manage our support calls and issues are escalated if they are not resolved quickly.