Feb 11, 2020

What's new for 2020?

Saying goodbye to Twenty Nineteen and welcoming Twenty Twenty, we have a lot ahead of us to stay ahead of the game, but we are jumping straight into what’s shaping up to a big and rewarding year ahead.

With WebTRIM always putting our customer’s requirements first, here’s what you can expect throughout the year.

You won’t have to be afraid of change, have to train up your staff or yourself with the upcoming release of WebTRIM’s all-new KPI dashboard. A fully customised dashboard for quick views on the most important and relevant information you need to maintain optimal performance of your business.

If you’re not a numbers person and don’t want to navigate through generated reports to get important KPI data, the next WebTRIM version will be including an all-new dashboard to make keeping you in control of your business, that much easier. Don’t worry as there will be no changes to the existing jobs console as in the current WT version and our new KPI dashboard can be linked straight to your favourites menu.

It’s been a big hail season this year with storms hitting earlier than expected, amidst bushfires and flash floods. The WebTRIM team is working hard on hail specific repair procedural management to meet the industry’s best-proven methods that will benefit all repairers from rapid shops, hail specific repairers, and traditional body shops catering to higher than normal volume of jobs due to recent events nationwide.

Security measures are becoming increasingly important as threats to servers, logins and data are becoming more prevalent every day. WebTRIM has taken measures to ensure client backups on cloud servers are as safe as can be with our network architect undergoing ISO27001 certification throughout the course of this year, so you rest assured you’re in safe hands, with the highest ethical standards achievable.