Oct 07, 2019

Making Changes To Maximise Efficiency & Improve ROI

Labour is a huge aspect and of crucial importance to all collsion repair businesses.

It is what makes up, statistically, most overhead costs and equally importantly, it is what drives revenue to produce business growth or influence its decline.

So the saying goes,

"Happy staff, cut efficiency in half" ...or something like that.

Your labour force is something not to be feared or exploited, but something with a great deal of influence and potential and is worth respecting, and nurturing in order to obtain growth. You don't necessarily have to increase your labour force in order to increase your business, but you must know what your labour force costs are, as well as it's potential for revenue production, so you can then make the most out of it.

Like a farmer learns by seeing and measuring, to know which of his fruit are ready for harvest, you must know & measure your staff in order to extract the best out of them.

Learn how to best utilise ROI reporting in WebTRIM to ensure you keep the wheels turning at a sustainable pace in your business and make sure you're feeding your staff a fair and healthy return for their labour.

Labour makes up on average 45-60% of costs to most collision repairers in Australasia so it's important to know you're getting a positive ROI on that cost. With work providers lagging behind the increased labour costs that the industry is incurring, from increased standards of mandatory manufacturer repair method training to the re-calibration of modern safety technology making it's way into more and more vehicles on the road, if you have the information to first know your labour costs, then you can move towards making change to maximise efficiency and improve your Return on Investment pertaining to Labour cost.

You can determine whether you're satisfied with the results of the workforce production reporting. If you're not, you can begin to tweak and change your employee profile configuration and reset their performance targets. You can look at your labour tasks to create an accurate depiction of your circumstances as well as manage your booking in process to ensure you're handling optimal jobs, job sizes and job revenues to the best-case profitability for your business.

take your business to the next level. Once you've had a look at these areas through WebTRIM's Configuration & Target Settings menu, contact us and we'll help you achieve your ROI goals and increase efficiency.