Jan 07, 2020

A vision for 2020

Feeling thankful to wake up to rain this morning, something we’ve not seen much of recently as fires ravage our country.

I was going to be putting out a back to work post giving thanks for the holidays, although It’s been far from a holiday for many, losing homes, businesses, and for some, their lives. With so many reports of the devastation, we’re all aware of it, so I’d like to address the resilience of our people, those fighting and giving their time, coming from near and far, banding together to help, as well as those with the means to give what they can.

Thank you.

WebTRIM is not creating a donations page as there are so many out there already, but I encourage you to look out for one another especially those in affected areas, and if you have the means, donate to any of the charitable bushfire relief funds to help give back what these fires have taken from so many. If your business has been affected by fires, please contact us, we’d like to hear from you.

On a positive note, it’s 2020! And yes, it is a positive note as regardless of whether you met your 2019 goals or not, we’re in a brand new year, full of opportunity. So if you’re yet to set your 2020 goals or would like a performance review of the 2019 calendar year, we’re eager to help make this year one to remember through prosperity and success. Happy 2020!

See below for some of the many ways donations are being collected to support those involved with the Australian bushfires.